Import articles from Shopify to Bloggle

Your Shopify blog posts created in Shopify will not be available in Bloggle. If you want to edit these articles, there is a way to do it. 
You need to re-create the article you want to migrate in Bloggle, remove the article in Shopify and replace the Bloggle article handle with the removed one. Let's do it!

In Bloggle, create an article that looks like the article you want to duplicate.
In Shopify, go to Online Store --> Blog --> select the article you want to migrate in Bloggle. Click on edit Website SEO

Note the handle of the article and keep it for the next steps

Remove the article in Shopify
Note: This action cannot be undone. Do not worry, we will replace this article with the new one created in Bloggle in next steps

Go back to the new article in Bloggle and click on the SEO tab in the left sidebar

Replace the handle with the one of the article you just removed

Save and publish! You have replaced and migrated the old article without losing any SEO

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